Take Notes directly on your Tracks

Still referencing time in a notepad with an audio player? (ex. more bass at 0:32) Pin-point your notes, comments and conversations on the recording itself.

Get Notetracks ProScreen view of pin-pointed notes, comments and conversations on the track itself.

Less friction, more communication

Share your work and get feedback, easily.

Getting everyone in the same room can be difficult.
Invite collaborators from anywhere in the world to chime-in at any time.

Multiple collaborators commenting on the same track in real time.

Organize your workflow and save time.

Everything you need in one place

No more back-and-forth across email, drives and audio players.
Use one platform to capture your notes, conversations and audio..

Get Notetracks ProTeam leaving comments, stickers and drawings on the track.

See the difference

Work with Audio and Video

Working on sync projects?
Drop a video into the project and watch it in action.

Team collaborating on a video track.

Made for music creators
by music creators.

screenview of Notetracks app.

— featuring all of the things you
need to reach your full potential.

Reduce Revisions
Hit Deadlines
Get Feedback
and Work Together
Work with Audio and Video
Project Success
Work with Precision

Don’t just take our word for it.

10,232 early adopters

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"Notetracks Pro makes the process of communication with the clients, artists, a&rs that much more simple.

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