Introducing the New Notetracks Pro

Behind the Scenes
Aug 21, 2020
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Notetracks Pro Is Here!

COVID-19 Efforts

It’s been a few weeks now that COVID-19 has hit us and disrupted of our everyday lives, making a lot of things that were normal, such as going to meet your colleagues for a project,not normal anymore.  Being faced with the issue that in-person interactions are discouraged, we thought that NOW is the time that artists need this tool that we have been working on behind the scenes for a while now the most. So, we rolled up our sleeves and went on full-speed mode and put in all of our effort to bring the launch of Notetracks forward, so that creators can have a tool that will permit them to continue creating with their team, all while keeping a distance from each other. 

We are extremely excited to say that all the effort we put into making this happen, has finally paid off; Notetracks Pro is officially here!  

What’s Up?

Notetracks has come a long way since we’ve first launched. For the past few years, we have invested a lot of time and sweat into refining our craft and improving our platform so that it can be the best version of itself. We’ve consulted with multiple music industry pros so that we’re able to get the feedback and guidance we needed in order to make Notetracks what it is today.

The new Notetracks comes with plenty of sick and useful features, all to make the collaboration process between artists, music producers, music engineers, and/or music educators as easy-going as possible. With Notetracks pro, forget the usual pen and paper and dozens of emails being sent back and forth. Now, you can get all of your work done in one platform and it is as easy and intuitive as using a google doc.

Audio Features

Select an audio file or drop it into the project and you’ll see an audio wave appear.  On this wave, you’ll be able to skip ahead or forward, pause/play or slide the time stamp to the precise second. 

Visual Tools

Notetracks lets you do what you use to do with a paper and pen; write down notes at a specific time, precisely to the second. To do so, stamp the time where you would like to mention something and choose from the multiple options that are available. You can simply write a comment, use one (or more like 4) of the multiple stamps that are available, and if you want to make use of your fingers, you can also design something!


Now, here’s the exciting part. Invite a collaborator by adding their email address and there you go! You can kiss notepads and emails goodbye. Collaborators will receive an invitation to your project, for which they can now either view or edit the project you shared with them, depending on the rights you chose to give collaborators. Collaborators have access to the same tools as you did when you were working on the project. 

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