About Us

What is Notetracks Pro?

Notetracks Pro is a platform for audio/music creators and collaborators to review, share, and complete their projects. It combines powerful audio, commenting and documentation tools to streamline a creator’s workflow (One can think of it as a mix between SoundCloud and GoogleDocs). Users can take liner notes for their music in the form of text, symbols, or drawings across an audio timeline. The notes are displayed and synced along an audio waveform that makes it different from any other note-taking Apps, being a first of its kind.

Our Mission

‍Together, we want to help the creatives do more of what they are passionate about and less of what they aren’t passionate about.  Our mission is to help creatives bring their ideas to life, to be inspired, learn, grow and to create MORE. We believe that, together, we can facilitate the collaboration process for the creatives of the music industry, with the help of an innovative technological solutions like ours.

Our Values

At Notetracks, we are driven by our overflowing passion for music, our thirst to learn and evolve to become our best productive selves, and lastly, the endless opportunities and inspirational results that come from co-creation sessions. We are firm believers that, together, we can create and accomplish great things. It is for these reasons that we dedicate ourselves towards developing innovative solutions to help us create and accomplish great things, together.

Uses of Notetracks

Notetracks Pro has many use cases which include song analysis, music review, mix session notes, songwriting, band commenting/collaboration as well as other cases involving audio (dance choreography, journalism, etc). It is currently available as a cloud-based web platform with mobile apps in development.