With Filepass, you work on a single file. With Notetracks, you can work on multiple tracks.

Audio creators use Notetracks to provide, exchange, and discuss, feedback on audio files easily with their team.
Import a track and start collaborating today.

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Why choose Notetracks as a Filepass alternative?

Notes on Tracks

Notetracks keeps all comments, voice notes and visual tags attached to the tracks.

Collaborate with Anyone

Invite every member of the team to be a part of the revision process simply by sending a Notetracks link to the project.

Versatile Use Cases

Notetracks can be used for a wide variety of cases, from music revision with clients, to communicating notes to podcast editors.

I heard Filepass has time-stamped comments...

While Filepass provides time-stamped comments on audio project, Notetracks is lets users record voice notes and use drawing tools to get your points across.

Sometimes I have more than one version to share...

Notetracks lets you to upload multiple audio files into one single project. This simplifies the revision process by housing all the notes for each iteration in one project rather than opening a new project each time.

What if I only want to take notes for myself?

Notetrack’s acts as a notebook for audio files, whether it be for personal or collaborative use. Notetracks is the platform for creators to review and collaborate on all of their audio projects, not only client work.

A man in a music studio

“Notetracks Pro makes the process of communication with the clients, artists, a&rs that much more simple.”

Ghislain Brind’Amour
Mixing Engineer
Jenny Turner Hall

“In our podcast collaboration with 3-4 people we started using Notetracks to have an ongoing dialogue on the actual audio track”

Jenny Turner Hall
Podcast Writer/Director