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Thousands of creators have used Notetracks to send feedback and edits on their audio projects. Read their experiences below.
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Ross Sivertsen
Owner of Canyon Creek Enterprises
Lifesaver. It's just a lifesaver. Collaborating on podcasts with clients has been a monumental pain in the a**. Up until now, I'd been sharing the audio (and video) files in Dropbox and trading emails back and forth on time stamps (which coming from an inexperienced client may or may not be accurate -> "umm... it's right after you say..."). Notetracks has been a LIFESAVER. Think of it like WP Feedback for audio/video... not an editor... it does one thing really well.
Greg Henderson
Easy to use & a big help to new content creators. For any new video creator or podcaster that may not do their own editing, collaborating with an outsourced editor is hard - constant calls, emails, sending files back and forth, setting up shared accounts just to see things or explain what is needed at a specific point in the audio track.... Notetracks Pro changes all that. The interface is easy to learn and allows for entry of specific instructions at any point in a track that clearly explains to an editor what to do. Reducing the time spent trying to get my ideas across to my editor more than makes up for what I spent on the platform!
Scott Sturgis
Very versatile and flexible audio collaboration & presentation app!
Robbie Goldsmith
I really like using Notetracks... very useful and ahead of the game as far as ease of use. Makes collaboration on audio projects way easier than it used to be. I would recommend it to a friend.
Heath Baumor
I found this to be a user-friendly and functional collaboration tool for my group of songwriters to work remotely efficiently and without the disconnect we would normally feel in this scenario.
Robertson Hamish
A simple solution to a complicated problem... I work day in day out producing podcasts and mixing audio post-production for clients all over the planet. Notetracks Pro makes the checking and verifying process so much easier.
Steve Stewart
Steve Stewart Podcast Productions
Notetracks is a really cool way to communicate with your client on improving an episode. From a raw recording all the way to a final review of a project, you can leave & receive notes by time stamp.
Adrian Salumnovic
Co-Founder of MILLIONS.CO
Simple, easy to use, and works well! Very intuitive. I'm using it for podcast editing and for a book I'm having narrated. Absolutely worth the price and glad I found this.
Aaron Krall
Awesome tool. Super simple and clear. I've been using it for video to collaborate on Youtube videos that I'm making. It's almost impossible to do this with email or Slack, so this makes things so much easier.
Dave Jackson
Podcast Consultant at School of Podcasting
I use it when someone asks me to review their show. What's great about it is I can give my two cents in Notetracks, and they can see it and export the comments in a text file. We used to have a Google Docs and all this other stuff. Best money I've ever spent!
Florante Valdez
Course Creator at Podcast Sidekick
Email has been the old-school way of doing it and more often than not, the outcome could either be a delay, a miscommunication, or worse, a needed revision that never sees the light of day. Notetracks resolves much of the issues of the feedback process.
Jan Reichenbach
Senior Specialist in IT Management
With this software, you can comment on audio files very well alone or in a team. I use the tool to archive my podcast episodes and audiobooks and to collaborate with people e.g. interview partners, sound engineers, etc.