Get feedback from everyone faster.

Notetracks makes it easy to communicate ideas and share feedback with your podcasting team to save time on edits and deliver amazing episodes.

Advanced Note Taking

Utilize precise comments, replies, and tags pinned to the timeline to make communicating simple and fun.

Inclusive Collaboration

Invite every member of the team to be a part of the revision process simply by sending a Notetracks link to the project.

Contextual Feedback

Place comments directly on the audio file waveforms in Notetracks to organize comments throughout the project.

Everything you need in one place

Organisation. Use one platform to capture your notes, conversations, and media files. Get to done with fewer revisions.

Man in a music studio

“Notetracks Pro makes the process of communication with the clients, artists, a&rs that much more simple.”

Ghislain Brind’Amour
Mixing Engineer
Jenny Turner Hall

“In our podcast collaboration with 3-4 people we started using Notetracks to have an ongoing dialogue on the actual audio track”

Jenny Turner Hall
Podcast writer/director

Use Notetracks on all your audio projects

Music Production. Get song feedback pinned to tracks section by section. Make tweaks so productions sound alive when they’re released.

Voiceovers. Get clearer direction on scripts, tone, and delivery. Decrease turnaround times for quality voice acting and voiceover work

Marketing. Craft and deliver audio and video content that exceeds clients’ expectations.