CD Baby presents Notetracks as an easier way to collaborate with musicians online

Notetracks News

CD Baby is one of the world's largest distributors of independent music. For a small subscription fee, songwriters and artists can upload their songs to Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

We know that making songs ready to share with the world is challenging. Which is why we recently partnered with CD Baby to offer exclusive discounts to its members!

Use Notetracks to collaborate with other songwriters, producers, and engineers. Get constructive feedback on every aspect of your track. Ask your producer if the melody is strong in the chorus or your cowriters if a lyric needs changing in the bridge.

Notetracks is where audio creators come together. Communicate thoughts and ideas clearly. Get everyone on the same page and keep everything in one place.

CD Baby users get 25% off their first 3 months of Notetracks Pro with promo code CDB25.