Introducing the New Notetracks Pro

Product Updates

Notetracks has come a long way since we first launched. We began as an iOS-only application for music makers.

But as we grew, we knew there was a bigger need for audio and video collaboration tools.

We started by talking with industry pros and learning what difficulties they faced. We used that feedback and guidance to develop an entirely new product.

Today, we're pleased to announce the launch of Notetracks Pro!

The new Notetracks comes with plenty of features. All are designed to make the collaboration process easier.

Whether you're a musician trying to finish up a mix or a podcaster trying to deliver episodes, Notetracks has your back.

Forget the emails, text messages, and audio streaming links. Notetracks keeps everything in one place and make it easy to use like a Google Doc.

Audio Features

Select an audio file or drop it into the project and you’ll see an audio waveform appear.  

On this waveform, you’re able to skip ahead, fast forward, pause/play or slide the playhead to the precise moment.

Visual Tools

Comments, stamps, and notes all let you leave precise feedback. Double click on a waveform to leave a comment at that timecode.

Then, you can drag and drop drawings, stamps and long-form notes in as well.

Make your thoughts known so that everyone is on the same page.


Now, here’s the exciting part. Invite collaborators to join you with a shareable link or by inviting them via email.

Collaborators will receive an email inviting them to join your project. They can then jump in and leave feedback or replies of their own. Collaborators have access to all the same tools you do when working on a project.