Notetracks in the News

Notetracks News

Notetracks is an active participant in the global music and creative community. From partnerships to panel discussions, we stay busy!

Here's what we've been up to in 2021:

John Lennon Songwriting Contest: Each week, the John Lennon Songwriting Contest awards songwriting prizes to independent musicians and writers around the world. We're pleased to share that winners of upcoming song contests will receive access to Notetracks Pro as part of their prize package. Check out how you can submit your song to the JLSC contest.

2021 Canadian Music Week: Notetracks is excited to be back at this year's virtual CMW!  Notetracks founder, Kam Lal, spoke on two panels about artists and the newest music tech. Learn about growing on TikTok as an artist and this year's best tools for musicians.

CD Baby Showcase: CD Baby showcased Notetracks as a way for songwriters to collaborate together online. CDBaby members can now get exclusive discounts to Notetracks. Learn more about our partnership with CD Baby here and how it can level up your virtual songwriting.

AppSumo: AppSumo collects software deals for marketers, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Sending emails, sharing virtual drive links, and hopping between audio players to finish your project can get old. For those making podcasts, that may mean spending time documenting notes with co-hosts and editors to finish up episodes. For marketers and agencies, it could be back and forth phone calls or Zoom meetings to make sure a project is on track. Notetracks was proud to partner with AppSumo to offer exclusive discounts to help creators get back to growing their business and audience.

Chase Bethea Live Streams: Video game composer, Chase Bethea, is streaming his composing and arrangement process on Twitch. Join him on Game Revolution's Twitch channel or his own to learn how Chase uses Notetracks to make music for video games.

Stay tuned as we update this post with more events and activities we participate in.