Reviewing your tracks to ensure high quality audio

Audio Bugs provides a team of audio professionals to quality control your projects and accelerate their launch into the world.

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Notetracks Timeline with stamps and comments

Ease and speed up your audio development process

Less iterations, more product development. We learn your use cases, test and identify issues in your audio so you can focus on creating and launching amazing products.

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A QA team focused on audio quality control

Whether it’s testing specific audio equipment or creating and managing test plans, our team of audio engineers with years of QA experience can provide the aid you're seeking on your audio projects.

Clear and collaborative communication

Communication is key. We provide clear communication, allow you to connect with your development team for any clearifications, and conduct regression testing with a collaborative approach.

Detailed notes directly on the tracks

No more scattered notes and links. Reported issues are time stamped directly on the audio timeline in Notetracks, or through your preferred productivity tools like as Jira, Loom, or Slack.

Begin your Audio QA project today!

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