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TWEAKS is a service that allows you to receive critiques from industry level professionals on your demos, drafts, podcasts, or any audio works in progress.

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Notetracks Timeline with stamps and comments

Have professional ears tune in to give feedback on your work.

Showcase your work to experienced audio experts and receive detailed feedback with their unique perspectives, thoughts, and ideas.

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Get detailed, unbiased comments from industry experts

Receive notes and annotations on your audio tracks delivered in Notetracks to have clear guidance on how you can improve your work.

Have a professional help you through your creative projects

Gain a collaborator in your workflow to gather ideas and share opinions with when you don't have anyone among your immediate connections.

Pin-point where we can help you to grow as an artist

Use Notetrack’s annotation features to highlight areas where you would desire the most feedback, to allow for us to serve you better.

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