Notetracks Response Efforts to COVID-19

Behind the Scenes
Aug 21, 2020
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Accelerated Launch

As soon as complete countries started to close down for mandatory lock-dows, we immediately saw the impact on music professionals and music educators all around the world.

Music educators were scrambling to find ways to finish the school year curriculum and music producers, music engineers and artists were wondering how the heck are they were going to continue releasing music if they can’t collaborate as they usually do at the studio.

We recognized that now is the time that music professionals would need Notetracks the most, not in a couple of months like we were supposed to launch. So, we rolled up our sleeves and went on full-speed mode and put in all of our effort to bring the launch of Notetracks forward, so that creators can have a tool that will permit them to continue creating with their team, all while keeping a distance from each other. 

We are extremely excited to say that all the effort we put into making this happen, has finally paid off; Notetracks Pro is officially here!  

Safety first

Apart from the odd in-person meetings, our team has been working on a remote basis for as long as Notetracks exists. We immediately stopped these in-person meetings as soon as it self-isolation became the new norm and now have all of our meetings online. 

On top of that, we make sure that all of our employees feel supported and comfortable as they are working from home. We know that isolation can be difficult on everyone’s mental health and we make sure that everyone in our team feels that we got their backs. 

Working with you

We know that these times are difficult for everyone but it is even more difficult for those who are stuck at home without a job. That being said, we took the strategic decision to partner up with a company that would give music professionals the chance to purchase our new platform at a heavily discounted price, with the hopes that artists and music professionals can get back to doing what they love.

We’re all ears

We did take measures that we thought would be great and advantageous for you guys, but if you feel that Notetracks Pro is something that you absolutely need but still have some concerns, don’t hesitate to hit us up and we definitely can come up with a solution for you.

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