How to export and import comments into Audition

If you’re an audio creator, you’ve most likely felt the need to leave comments and notes across your projects, such as podcast episodes, music, and the like. With timestamps mix-ups and email miscommunication between teams prevalent, more and more audio creators are looking to compile their creative workflow together. Notetracks is a comprehensive audio collaboration tool that allows creators to leave comments, notes, and annotations directly on the audio file itself. As many producers and editors use Audacity to create their projects, Notetracks becomes an excellent supplementary tool to then make comments, mark-ups, and notes that are easily exported and imported back into Audacity for use.

To begin, click the ‘New Project’ button, select ‘Audio’ as your project type, and give it a title.

Notetracks – how to create and name a new audio project

Add the audio project you’d like to make comments on into Notetracks by clicking either of the two ‘Add Track’ buttons on the left-hand side of the screen.

Notetracks – where to find the ‘Add Track’ buttons in the workspace

You can also add tracks by dragging and dropping, or by importing directly from Dropbox or Google Drive.

Notetracks – how to import via Dropbox or Google Drive

Next, make sure you’re in the ‘Comment’ pane at the top middle of the workspace. You can utilize the playback controls at the bottom of Notetracks to navigate along the track to where you’d like to leave a comment. Alternatively, you can do the same by clicking and moving the playhead across the waveform.

Notetracks – how to navigate along the waveform

When you’re ready to leave a comment or note, press the ‘New Comment’ button in the toolbar. Type your feedback in the comment box and click ‘Post’.

Notetracks – how to add comments

You can drag your comments along the waveform to move them using the green triangle. If you need a more detailed guide on how to leave comments and notes on audio files, feel free to check out our How to Comment on an Audio File help blog.

To download your comments, navigate to the three dots on the side of your track title. Expand the menu and select ‘Export Audition Labels’.

Notetracks – how to access the single track drop down menu to export your Audacity labels

Your comments will now be saved as a .cvs file.

To import your comments into Audition, open the track you were working on and navigate to the toolbar at the top of the workstation. Select File > Import > Import Markers from File. Select the Notetracks .cvs file you just exported.

Your comments and markers will now be available in Adobe Audition.

Notetracks – how to import comments into Audition

Notetracks has an impressive collection of commenting, editing, drawing, and annotation tools that can take your audio workflow to the next level. Whether you’re producing a podcast episode for a series or working on an upcoming composition, Notetracks’ comprehensive audio annotation tools make it quick, intuitive, and simple. Find out more today.

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